Window Repair & Restoration with Repair Care

Old windows no longer need to be replaced – They can now be repaired and fully Decorated to an as-new finish by our trained window care Decorators.

The Window Care System is a sustainable Architect approved method of repairing windows and external timber. It is a quality approved system with a 10 year guarantee.

The Procedure

Step 1

Assess condition of framework and extent of damage that requires repair.

Step 2

Strip away the paint, coatings and unusable material, whilst also preserving as much of the structure as possible for repairs.

Step 3

Treat any exposed, deteriorating areas with a preserving solution to prevent further decomposition.

Step 4

Reinforce damaged areas with structural materials and braces where needed, then fill areas with a hard drying epoxy mixture.

Step 5

Sand and prepare the repaired services to a smooth and flat finish.

Step 6

Dependant on frame type, replace and prepare any beading or putty.

Step 7

Finish framework with paints and coatings to a high-end quality as required.

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Listed Buildings

All window repairs are carried out to a high quality standard that will meet listed building requirements.